Kibana (Discover) URLs look a bit funky. All the query information is encoded in the URL with a serialization format called RISON. This is a pretty obscure format (it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page at the moment) based on JSON but with some tweaks to make it more URL-compatible and compact.

For example, instead of JSON's structural delimiters {} and [], it uses (). Unfortunately, when working in a Markdown context, the abundance of parentheses in these Kibana URL will easily confuse a Markdown parser when you try to put such an URL in Markdown's basic link format [title](url). The trick is URL-encoding the offending characters. However, generically URL-encoding all risky characters also doesn't work well as Kibana does not seem to decode that properly.

At the moment, what seems to work for me is URL-encoding just (, ) and $. For example with this Python snippet:

url = "https://kibana.test/#/discover?_a=(columns:!(message),filters:!(('$state':(store:appState),meta:(alias:!n,disabled:!f,index:'907d8590-4f1b-11e..."

print(url.replace("$", "%24").replace("(", "%28").replace(")", "%29"))

Or this CLI one-liner to pipe the URL into (e.g. execute command, paste URL, press enter twice and close input with CTRL-D ):

python -c 'import sys;print("$","%24").replace("(","%28").replace(")","%29"))'

Or use this minimal webapp

(Old-school vanilla JavaScript applets FTW!)