2024/06/03 Markdown-friendly Kibana URLs
2024/03/27 Multi-Word Grepping
2023/08/29 Poor man's JWT decoder
2023/07/17 File extension histogram
2023/07/17 TIL: Recursive `git add` with globs
2023/06/19 TIL: Creating/applying patches with git "format-patch" and "am"
2023/05/14 TIL: Bunny Fonts as drop-in Google Fonts Replacement
2023/05/02 TIL: Local checkout of a GitHub PR from another fork
2023/04/07 Packaging of single Python module projects with Hatch/Hatchling
2023/04/05 Automatic JSON-formatted dictionaries in IPython/Jupyter
2023/04/04 Programmatically creating clients and users in Keycloak
2022/06/26 git-annex and Homebrew version woes (or how to spend your evenings with open source software)
2022/04/22 Bunch o' cheat sheets
2020/03/03 Disable pytest's log/print capturing
2019/09/27 Yet another solution to dig you out of a circular import hole in Python
2019/09/24 Step by Step OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow with PKCE
2019/03/19 Header duplication in Spark partitioned CSV files
2019/02/16 HiveServer2 User Impersonation Issues
2019/02/05 "Native-Hadoop" Library Load Issues with Spark
2018/12/29 Circle of Fifths with Diatonic Seventh Chords
2018/11/16 Hadoop 3 default ports
2018/05/11 Custom D3.js Visualization in a Jupyter Notebook
2017/02/22 Open a source file from web page with PyCharm protocol handler
2016/12/10 Git annex: hook to prevent adding files the wrong way
2016/10/21 Pretty CSV viewing on the Command Line
2016/10/06 Dynamic Pelican settings
2016/09/28 Dialog popup in Jupyter notebook
2016/09/28 Quick and easy tag cloud in Pelican
2016/08/21 Switching my blog to Pelican
2013/10/02 PhantomJS script to capture Reveal.js slideshow slides
2013/04/15 Spidering JavaScript-manipulated HTML with PhantomJS
2013/04/14 Git cherry-pick without whitespace
2013/02/14 Get stacktrace in Python catch body
2013/01/24 Check iTunes library for inexistent files and broken links with Python and PyObjC
2012/12/30 Unicode Fun in Python
2012/11/20 Git: resolve conflict after stash pop in working directory (no staging/index)
2012/04/18 Python: determine installation prefix
2012/03/09 Python trick: asynchronously reading subprocess pipes
2012/03/06 Duviz: command line tool for disk usage visualization
2012/01/17 Simple and quick command line argument handling in Python
2011/12/21 List of available git commands
2011/12/16 Slow down Charlie Parker with SoX
2011/11/02 PHP lint checking multiple files in parallel
2010/07/01 Running 32 bit executables on a 64 bit machine (Ubuntu Linux)
2010/06/13 Slides of my public PhD defense
2010/05/28 Indentation with spaces and the tab key in Eclipse (3.5 aka Galileo)
2010/04/30 Keyboard shortcut for code completion in Eclipse on Mac OS X
2010/04/27 Gearman (job queue manager) command line tool: routing the workload to the worker process arguments with xargs
2010/02/05 PDF to PostScript conversion: pdf2ps versus pdftops
2010/01/29 Drupal 7 development milestone: issue queue halved in size
2010/01/21 Handy Python profiling analysis with pstats' interactive browser
2010/01/03 Some notes from Drupal Camp Gent 2009
2009/12/15 How near is Drupal 7?
2009/12/05 Inkscape and Gimp on OS X: ALT key and copy/paste issues.
2009/12/04 An audio conversion use case: comparison of execution speed between SoX, FFmpeg and MPlayer
2009/12/02 Audio format conversion cheat sheet (aka how to)
2009/11/26 Overwide figures in LaTeX
2009/10/19 My bashrc, bash aliases, profile and other files
2009/10/01 Time-lapse of construction site "Het Ufo" of Ghent University
2009/09/24 Matlab WTF: Inconsistent short-circuit behavior of logical operators
2009/09/23 C++-MEX files compilation problems under Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)
2009/09/22 Python: hiding attribute getters and setters behind standard attribute access
2009/09/11 How to find out which version of Ubuntu you are running?
2009/09/09 Jython and PYTHONPATH
2009/08/19 Eclipse TPTP woes in Ubuntu and how to solve it as non-root
2009/07/17 LaTeX: inline BibTeX entries with the bibentry package
2009/07/15 Reading MP3 files in Java
2009/05/29 Showing the running command in a bash script with "set -x"
2009/05/25 Working with a Subversion repository through Git
2009/05/20 Ignore whitespace in Subversion diffs
2009/05/18 Date tick control in pylab/matplotlib
2009/05/15 Setting global XFig defaults for working with LyX/LaTeX
2009/05/13 URL shortening chain reaction
2009/05/12 Subversion: undo committed changes
2009/05/04 Color highlighted diffs with git, svn and cvs
2009/04/28 How to be a better grepper
2009/03/23 Accented characters with qwerty keyboard (Ubuntu Linux)
2008/12/11 Flag a PDF file as binary for Subversion
2008/10/23 localhost webdev: virtual host setup on Mac OS X with MAMP
2008/08/20 4212320
2008/07/04 Script for easier adding subversion ignore rules
2008/06/12 LaTeX: promille/permille sign
2008/05/23 Blender: background rendering
2008/02/23 My experiences with hosting a Drupal website on One.com
2008/02/19 Parsing the subversion Id keyword with python
2008/02/14 Yay, I'm joining Krimson to DrupalCon Boston 2008
2008/02/08 LaTeX trick: putting the subversion revision number on every page
2008/01/29 LaTeX trick: customizing captions
2008/01/27 Extract images from a PDF document
2007/06/08 svnversion and Kdevelop
2007/04/20 Completion for Gnuplot under Ubuntu(/Debian) with rlwrap
2007/04/18 In-place string changing in files from the command line with "perl pie"
2007/03/05 Non-root installation of lp_solve and its Python bindings
2007/03/02 Awaken the post-lunch PhD that lives inside you.
2007/02/05 Accessing a svn server behind a firewall
2007/01/11 Get name of current function and caller with Python
2006/11/24 Download offline version of dynamic pages with Wget
2006/11/17 Rising spam level on my UGent email account
2006/09/21 Using custom LaTeX document classes in LyX
2006/08/20 Making a video from frames with transcode
2006/06/28 Thunderbird: install spell check dictionary (under Ubuntu)
2006/06/25 My Ubuntu Breezy to Dapper upgrade experiences
2006/06/19 Extracting fonts from PDF's
2006/06/02 get working directory in python
2006/05/15 Amarok crash (problem with collection.db)
2006/04/28 Blocking referer spam with Apache .htaccess directives
2006/04/28 Infected with Blog.Worm
2006/03/06 a clash between locale settings, C extension Python modules and pylab (aka matplotlib)
2006/02/07 Zebra-cubism halftoned Lenna
2006/02/01 Saving of images in scipy and preventing dynamic range rescaling
2006/01/20 Reading OpenDocument office files from Python
2006/01/06 lenna lorem ipsum
2006/01/03 fun with reflective linux commands
2005/12/19 Last.fm player on Linux
2005/12/14 LaTeX: use \textnormal instead of \textrm (or \textsf) in math
2005/12/13 LaTeX: change the font and other properties of captions of floats
2005/12/13 LaTeX: the order of \caption and \label matters in floats
2005/12/06 The floppy disk as symbol for saving
2005/11/29 Bash: the difference between $* and $@ and what that means for working with filenames containing spaces
2005/11/29 Easily accessible calculator in KDE
2005/11/22 shell redirection of standard output and standard error to the same file
2005/11/13 Easy moving and resizing application windows on the Linux desktop (KDE, Gnome, IceWM, ...)
2005/11/09 Using plain latex and pdflatex: conditional switching in your LaTeX document
2005/10/19 Customize the Gimp toolbox
2005/10/17 Python: pickling and dealing with "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Thing'"
2005/10/07 moving files to the (KDE) trash can from the command line
2005/10/07 redirecting python's "print" statements to a file
2005/10/03 Avoid duplicates in your bash history
2005/10/03 Bash: about .bashrc, .bash_profile, .profile, /etc/profile, etc/bash.bashrc and others
2005/08/19 Changing the theme of GTK/Gnome applications under KDE
2005/08/11 Get the last argument of the previous command in the bash shell
2005/08/09 Enable tab completion in interactive python mode with startup script
2005/08/05 Load url from clipboard on middle mouse click in Firefox on Linux
2005/05/10 wello horld