Note to self: short list of useful options of wget for recursive downloading of dynamic (PHP, ASP, ...) webpages (because wget's man page is too long):

  • --no-clobber: do not redownload pages that already exist locally.
  • --html-extension: append extension .html to webpages of which the URL does not end on .html or .htm but with things like .php or .php?q=boo&bar=4.
  • --recursive: turn on recursive downloading.
  • --level=3: set the recursion depth.
  • --convert-links: make the links in downloaded documents point to local files if possible.
  • --page-requisites: download embedded images and stylesheets for each downloaded html document.
  • --relative: only follow relative links, not absolute links (even if in the same domain).
  • --no-parent: do not ascend to parent directory of the given URL while recursively retrieving.